Businesses have made
their safety promise

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What will you do to demonstrate your commitment to work health and safety?

We are committed to putting safety first in everything we do. We recognise that providing a healthy and safe workplace that promotes staff wellbeing and the development of a strong safety culture is vital to achieving our safety vision.

What will you do to make sure your business has the capability to put in place safe systems, procedures and policies?

We will design & imbed a WHS system & Risk Management program that drives safety accountability, innovation, & collaboration with the objective of eliminating injuries, driving safety performance & building a robust safety culture.

What will you do to ensure that your workers have the skills and attitudes to work safely?

We empower & encourage staff to take responsibility for their own safety in the workplace, the safety of others, to actively contribute to workplace safety, & to be courageous & innovative in identifying & controlling workplace risks.

What will you do to create a safe physical and mental environment?

Every day we ask our staff “What are you staying Safe for?” What happens in their world outside of work that drives them to be safe at work? Our staff play a crucial role in safety & we give them the power & support to always think "Safety First".

What will you do to make sure that clear and relevant information flows through your organisation?

We have an extensive array of collaborative & innovative consultation platforms that allow us to share our safety goals with our people. We will continually build & improve how we share information & collaborate for the purpose of safety learning.