Businesses have made
their safety promise

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What will you do to demonstrate your commitment to work health and safety?

I will ensure that the programs regarding Work Health and safety are being implemented and the policies and procedures put in place will be followed.

What will you do to make sure your business has the capability to put in place safe systems, procedures and policies?

Our business conducts regular planning sessions designed to consider opportunities for business development. These meetings will regularly consider what and how to implement our safety procedures.

What will you do to ensure that your workers have the skills and attitudes to work safely?

We have a strong culture of continuing professional development and training. Training on specific Work Health and Safety will form a compulsory part of this system.

What will you do to create a safe physical and mental environment?

We have begun working with HeadsUp to ensure we have a safe physical and mental work environment.

What will you do to make sure that clear and relevant information flows through your organisation?

Our policies on work health and safety are available to all employees. Any improvements to our policies and processes will be discussed with staff and then implemented with transparency and consultation.