Businesses have made
their safety promise

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What will you do to demonstrate your commitment to work health and safety?

We believe in the well being of our workers or people affected by our work are a priority and we aim to achieve a safe and incident free workplace. We will implement Work Health and Safety project planning.

What will you do to make sure your business has the capability to put in place safe systems, procedures and policies?

We will conduct site specific risk assessments; implement the Work Health and Safety Policy; Supply a Safe Work Method Statement; ensure personal and protective equipment is worn.

What will you do to ensure that your workers have the skills and attitudes to work safely?

We will carry out site inductions for workers, sub contractors and visitors; inform workers of the roles and responsibilities.

What will you do to create a safe physical and mental environment?

Enure their work site is in a safe condition; promote communication between employees and subcontractors; enforce that all work is conducted in a manner without risk to workers and a respectable work ethic is up held.

What will you do to make sure that clear and relevant information flows through your organisation?

Carry out meetings to ensure safe work practices at all times. SWMS is read and acknowledged. Subcontractor's Statement is completed along with relevant certificates.