Businesses have made
their safety promise

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What will you do to demonstrate your commitment to work health and safety?

Continue to ensure workplace safety is always on the agenda. Continue to look at innovative solutions to assist our safety culture journey

What will you do to make sure your business has the capability to put in place safe systems, procedures and policies?

Tackle high risk activities and review systems, procedures and policies required to minimise risk

What will you do to ensure that your workers have the skills and attitudes to work safely?

Continue to train employees in safety related competencies. Drive cultural journey through the establishment of a consultative committee to assist with the safety message

What will you do to create a safe physical and mental environment?

Allow time and space to prioritise safety and allow workers to cease operations where they feel unsafe or that a hazard cannot be controlled adequately.

What will you do to make sure that clear and relevant information flows through your organisation?

Establish consultative committee to ensure dissemination of safety messages and ensure input from all levels within the organisation