Businesses have made
their safety promise

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What will you do to demonstrate your commitment to work health and safety?

We promise to lead by wearing correct safety equipment at all times including helmet and sun safety PPE.

What will you do to make sure your business has the capability to put in place safe systems, procedures and policies?

We promise to continually look at ways to improve the safety of both our training sessions and our clients.

What will you do to ensure that your workers have the skills and attitudes to work safely?

We promise to continually develop our own knowledge and understanding of how to facilitate safe training sessions.

What will you do to create a safe physical and mental environment?

We promise to conduct regular maintenance on all equipment used and identify where improvements to operations can be made.

What will you do to make sure that clear and relevant information flows through your organisation?

We promise to provide key health, safety and wellbeing messages to all clients throughout sessions and seek feedback on ways to continually improve the safety of training sessions.