Safety depends on employers and workers – together.  Here, we make it easier for you to do the right thing with simple information and resources to help you comply with work health and safety laws.


The new ‘Safe’ app allows you and your workers to identify risks in the workplace and make sure they’re resolved. Use the app to:

  • Create a safety team
  • Raise a safety issue
  • Discuss the problem
  • Attach a photo
  • Resolve the issue


Since its inception in 2006, more than 400 businesses across NSW have taken part in our mentor program, improving their understanding of the importance of work health and safety, and giving small businesses the opportunity to be mentored by Australia’s leading health and safety professionals.

SIMPLE safety

Knowing how to comply with your legal obligations can be time consuming and costly. But if you’re serious about being safe, you should make it part of every job you do. We’ve summarised the work health and safety laws in simple, plain English and given you some practical advice to make compliance easy.

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Make your safety promise today

To have a safe workplace, NSW businesses need to embed health and safety into the workplace, and treat it like it’s second nature. Every job that you do should be designed to be safe.

Make a start in improving health and safety in your workplace by following 3 easy steps.

  • 1

    Talk to your workers about what a safer workplace might look like.

  • 2

    Make your safety promise

  • 3

    Turn your words into actions


The small business rebate gives up to $500 back to small businesses owners who buy and install eligible safety items that address safety problems in the workplace.