Safety starts with you

We’re all under pressure to get the job done. But regardless of how urgent, or how important a job may be, nothing is worth risking your safety. Whether you’re a worker or an employer, together we can make the workplace safe. Start a conversation about safety today. Because no matter what you do, safety starts with you.


You have a right to work in a safe workplace and a responsibility to help ensure it remains safe.


In this section, we summarise your legal obligations in simple, plain English and provide resources to make your job easier.

Stay safe
within your workplace

by using our free app

The new ‘Safe’ app helps you identify and resolve issues in your workplace. Use the app to:

  • Create a safety team
  • Raise a safety issue
  • Discuss the problem
  • Attach a photo
  • Resolve the issue

Make your safety promise today

To have a safe workplace, NSW businesses need to embed health and safety into the workplace, and treat it like it’s second nature. Every job that you do should be designed to be safe.

Make a start in improving health and safety in your workplace by following 3 easy steps.

  • 1

    Talk to your workers about what a safer workplace might look like.

  • 2

    Make your safety promise

  • 3

    Turn your words into actions

Simple Safety

Knowing how to comply with your legal obligations can be time consuming and costly. We’ve summarised the work health and safety laws in simple, plain English and given you some practical advice to make compliance easy. This will help you to make sure every job that you do is done safely.

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Downloads for your workplace

Download our campaign videos as well as posters that deal with working at heights, manual handling, hazardous chemicals and mental health at work. You can also download instructions to print the posters.

Are you aware of the signs of

Poor mental health?